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"In order to reach your full potential as a marathon runner, you must not only train hard, but train smart, and train consistently.  This trifecta is one of the most elusive things in our sport."  - Coach Mark Hadley

Site Purpose

In early 2012, I decided to publish my training and racing philosophy for the marathon as a website rather than as a book.  This way it can be kept in a more dynamic setting and updated in real time when advancements are made, thus never letting the philosophy go static, but rather let it always be evolving and advancing. It is my sincere hope that this site can be a good reference tool to others (runners and coaches) and help them reach their full potential in marathon running. 

EliteMarathoning.com's  Elite Development Coaching Services - helping emerging elite and elite distance runners continue to improve and pursue their goals in the sport by providing them with expert coaching.

Training Philosophy

The Basics - basic principles that guide all of our training as distance runners
Workouts - the different workouts we utilize in our training
Training Cycles - how we organize our training to reach our best fitness for our goal races
Racing - how we go about racing to get our best results

Coaching Services
EliteMarathon.com's Coach Mark Hadley offer 3 types of coaching services to help you implement and reap the benefits of his training philosophy outlined on this site.
Personal Coaching
Custom Programs